Elopements are small and intimate offerings usually consisting of the officiant, the couple and two witnesses, but there are times when a few more loved ones attend.  There is usually a short time between the time of first contact and the actual ceremony.

Whether you choose a ceremony that includes "Just the paperwork"  or is a "Just the basics", you will be warmly greeted and lead through the process.  


Weddings can be done anywhere; a park, a coffee shop, or even your living room.  I also have a small dedicated space in my home that can accommodate up to 6 people for elopements.  

Price range:

  • Just the Basics: book a time to come to my newly defined Chapel space in my home (Scarborough) with up to 4 guests (6 people max) for a simple ceremony with/out traditional or personal vows.  $100.  

  • Place of your choosing - $150 

What you provide:

  • The marriage licence

  • Two witnesses

What I provide:

  • Professional services to legalize union

  • Location for "Just the Basics" option

  • Registration of marriage with Province of Ontario

  • Support after the ceremony to obtain marriage certificate if required (couple pays Government of Ontario fee)

Things to remember:

It can take upwards of 10-12 weeks for your marriage to be registered with the Province of Ontario.  Their process takes time and works on government hours.  I mail out papers within 24 hours of ceremony.

NOTE: If you need your certificate quickly (eg. travelling abroad), please bring a letter at the time of the ceremony explaining why you need your certificate expedited.  Your letter must be included with your paperwork when it is mailed out so that when your paperwork is received it is prioritized. Things cannot be expedited after the paperwork is mailed out.

Kelly and John were the first couple I ever married.  They chose a simple yet oh so tender wedding ceremony in their own home to make things legal, then flew to the sunny south to have a fabulous fun wedding on the beach.  

They have chosen to stay in touch with my husband and myself, and we still get together once in a while to break bread and share friendship. I am grateful to them for allowing me to embark on my own journey as they embarked on theirs.

Some couples choose to be married in the privacy of their own home with only a few close friends or family members present to share in the moment.

At times I also offer an elopement special at a local coffee shoppe that I call "Just the Paperwork" for a nominal fee ($100). 


For some this is a terrific option as there is no fuss, no muss, and no added expenses to their objective of getting married.

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