Here are some answers to common questions:

What are the legal requirements to be married?

You must be of legal age (18) or can be married as young as 16 with parental consent.  (read more here...)

How do I choose an Officiant?

The first thing you must ask yourself is what kind of wedding do you want?  For those who follow an organized religion it is simple as you will likely choose your own minister.  For those who have interfaith marriages, you may want a representative of both religions, or you may want a non-denominational Officiant.  

Wedding officiants each have their own style and strengths.  If you want a simple ceremony, just about any officiant will do.  If you want someone who will work with you to get the ceremony just right, or who will wow the crowd with their ability for pomp and ceremony or fitness of speech, you will pay a higher price.   Many people shop around for the "best price".  Remember, you get what you pay for so you need to set your expectations to match what you are paying for.

Why do officiants cost so much?

I've heard people ask why so much.  It's only a short period of time.  Most wedding officiants are entrepreneurs.  They have overhead and need to pay their bills.  There is a relatively standard fee for service schedule but most people charge according to their needs.  


My style of officiation

My prices tend to be at the lower end of the market spectrum, or below (elopement), because I do this for the joy it brings.  It is not how I earn my living.  

Although I am friendly and easygoing, I'm not someone who has a flair for wowing the crowds.  My services are pretty straight forward but warm and intimate.  This is reflected in my prices.  

What is required for a legal wedding?

There are only a few simple things required to be legally wed:

  • Be of legal age, or 16 with parental consent

  • Both parties have to come of their own free will and want to be married

  • There needs to be two witnesses of sound mind to the event with the ability to sign the documents

  • The minister/officiant must "Pronounce" or "Declare" that the couple is wed.

Read here for more information.

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